How End Evening League Round 3 – Yasi’s – June 9th

22 Jun

After missing last weeks match due to a 50th birthday party and narrowly missing out the week before by making a fatal mistake, I was out for some revenge come round 3 of the evening league and a chance to get back to grips with our Titch who was running away with the title. Back on Yasi’s and it was bound to Bertie and Ide fun, although come draw time and I got the only peg on the lake I really didn’t fancy, 13. Still, with lots of space I had half a chance even though Titch was on peg 16, Bertie city 🙂

My usual attack of caster, yes I know, I can’t help myself and I was nearly ready for the off on time. Quite unlike myself. Was a steady evenings fishing, even though I never had a proper run where they come as soon as the float goes in, you had to wait a few minutes between bites.

Come the all out, I felt I’d fished a good match, Titch, for once had had a mare, so I knew I’d won my side of the lake but with Simon, Mike and Tony on the footpath bank and Darren in the flier 1 you never knew.

Darren had a bad match with only 29-15, then Simon weighed 51-10 which made us laugh as he estimated 35 and by the new estimation tax rule he was nearly 50% out and bound to cop for the tax, happy days. Not only that,but he also managed to beat Nick Rowe’s week old Barbel record with a fantastic 4lb 8oz specimen, they ain’t half eating all the pies.



Simon lead up to my peg and with everyone asking what my estimate was I hedged my bets and put down 46lb thinking I was bound to not get clobbered with that. How wrong was I, as usual my estimating abilities were rubbish and I out % Simon to be exactly 50% out and get hit by the tax with 69lb 2oz. A great evenings fishing and at least the charity jar gained at my expense. More importantly, it put me back in contention with Titch in the league. Roll on round 4 🙂



Top 4 on the night were:

1) Phil ‘Pebs’ Stone – 69lb 2oz

2) Simon ‘Oompa’ Drozdziol – 51lb 10oz

3) Tony Sal – 41lb 10oz

4) Mike ‘Groundsman’ Clarke – 41lb 6oz

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