How End Open – June 13th – Yasis

22 Jun

Good turnout for the open, which sort of stuffed me up as I under estimated the caster order. Ah well, I’ve never been one for being fussy about bait and it seemed since I had an excess of maggot, it only seemed right to have a go with last years star invention by yours truly which seemed to sort the Ide out. So 4 pints of red maggots and 10 minutes later in a blender topped off with a copious amount of Predator Plus and I had a nice pot full of Pebs famous Maggot Mush. Now, this stuff really ought to come with a health warning. I purposely put it in a rather large bowl so I can scoop it up in a my kinder pot without EVER putting my hands in it. My peg always seems to resemble one of those cartoon characters surrounded by flies as they’re the only living creatures that seem to like it bar Berties and Ide that just can’t get enough of it. Its especially deadly on those dead still days when nothing seems to be moving and I’m sure its down to the cloud that makes the fish comfortable in it and today suited it perfectly following my rule of ripple = loose feed, flat calm = cloud that always serves me well.

Anyhow, to the fishing, I figured there wasn’t enough water to make the Ide comfortable in the shallow water over as the lake was still down following the recent leak, so I fed the mush coming down the far shelf in about 2 feet of water, thinking I’d target the carp in the shallow water over. This proved to be a wise decision as I managed to keep Berties and Ide coming for 4 hours before the carp on the far shelf that were constantly sticking their heads out of the water after the loose fed pellets I was putting in proved too much of a temptation as I was determined to suss them out. Despite having sussed the Ide and Berties out, I’ve never yet achieved the consistency of my good friend Pete Bailey when it came to the Carp, so I was determined to get to grips with them in the last 2 hours which ultimately proved my downfall in the match as it took me an hour to suss it out although I still managed to get to grips with them in the end so despite loosing out to Colin Fosdick who pipped me by a brilliant 68lb 8oz to my 66lb exactly, top bombing Col, it was worthwhile and with Tony Sal coming in third with 65lb exactly, it was an excellent close fought match. Top 6 were:

1) Colin ‘Caster’ Fosdick – 68lb 8oz

2) Phil ‘Pebs’ Stone – 66lb 0oz

3) Tony Sal – 65lb 0oz

4) Matthew Grant – 49lb 8oz

5) Darren James – 48lb 8oz

6) Richard Fulam – 44lb 0oz

7) Steve P – 43lb 8oz

8) Neil ‘New dad’ Smith – 41lb 4oz

I know I said top 6 but I felt they all needed a mention, brilliantly close match, well done guys 🙂

Next blog, June 16th, new season and I still love it

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