The Glorious 16th !!!!

24 Jun

Call me a sentimental old fart, but I still look forward to the 16th of June with relish, and always have to go visit the river generally looking for Chub on the waggler or the stick. So, as per usual, was up early on the 16th to head off to Biddenham for some Chub bashing on the waggler and the stick


and was rewarded with these beauties up 4lb 10oz




This year the 16th happened to fall on a Tuesday so immediately after my river session it was back to How End for the evening league, this week on Dani’s

Will talk about the match shortly, but firstly I’ve got to shout out some foot attire. Now, over the years, I’ve seen some strange things on the bank but the recent fashion for Crocs seems to have taken it to a whole new level of bad taste. And the set attached to one of our members on this evenings match was just off the scale. I’ve heard of yellow polker dot bikini’s, but White polka dot Crocs are just vile. And talking of good taste, isn’t it rather strange that one of our banker friends was attached to them 🙂 I’ll leave it to you to name and shame !!!!



To the fishing bit (it is after all supposed to be a match blog 🙂

Dani’s had been fishing well up to now, so good things were expected and it didn’t disappoint. Our evening lake record holder, Ben Lawrence, who smashed the record last year with an amazing 89lb in 3 hours off Dani’s, had honoured us with his presence and the draw bag put him next to me, so I expected a great battle. As it turned out, the fish seemed to hug the main island so I had a bit of an advantage over Ben as he was on corner peg 17. Pete the Pirate stormed off on a flier off peg 4 catching one a bung, he had 9 carp in the net in 20 minutes on the pellet wagg and we all thought the record was going to go, then Pirate Power kicked in and he managed to trash all his rigs in record time, plus being a pirate with limited vision couldn’t see to tie any more, so that was the end of the ‘skull and crossbones’ which slowly sank under the waves. Meanwhile, round the corner, following on from my own early disaster which saw a How End Turbo Nutter B*****d carp tear off taking my whole rig and the elastic as well pulling it straight off the side puller never to be seen again, I finally got going on my usual caster which I employed together with a shallow rig at 14.5 mtr and waggler for further out when they backed off to put together a nice bag of 54lb 14oz, narrowly pipping Colin Fosdick who weighed in 51lb 12oz in corner peg 7. Another close match and with the glorious weather we had, one to enjoy

Top 4 on the night were:

1) Phil ‘Pebs’ Stone – 54lb 14oz

2) Colin Fosdick – 51lb 12oz

3) Mark ‘Titch’ Wilson – 48lb 2oz

4) Pete ‘Pirate’ Nash – 44lb 4oz (should have bought some shop tied hooklengths !!! 🙂 )

All in all, a great way to top off the ‘Glorious16th’

Tight lines this season to everyone, just not as tight as mine if you’re fishing against me 🙂




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