How End Open – Dani’s – June 27th

08 Jul

Another Saturday, another How End open, but this time I couldn’t fish šŸ˜¦ I do hate it when a plan doesn’t come together.

Anyhow, a stunningly beautiful day greeted those on the open and with fish crashing about, it appeared a reasonable day was on the cards. Neil ‘Happy’ Smith (he’s always grinning) set off at a flying pace catching Carp and Chub on his lighthouse (some people have no finesse when it comes to wagglers) but swiftly came to a grand halt when the carpies won the day within an hour and stole all his lighthouse’s

IMG_2938 IMG_2939

Meanwhile, round the corner on peg 12, our fashionesta banker, Darren James, was proving that snazzy Crocs and bare knees don’t really go together with very hot weather … ouch, that’s got to hurt



But, despite the sun, Richard Farlow still managed to get amongst them on peg 14 with a nice 68lb 4oz catch, followed up by our Trev Jeans, our ProtectorpoleĀ king ( ) with 45lb 4oz

IMG_2954 IMG_2953


Top 5 on the day were:

1) Richard Farlow – 68lb 4oz

2) Trev Jeans – 45lb 4oz

3) Colin Fosdick – 43lb 12oz

4) – Tony Sal – 42lb 12oz

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