How End Winter League 24/1/16

24 Jan

Well, its been a while since I’ve found some time to get back to the blog, its all been a bit chaotic. Anyhow, here we are back in the Winter League, or not winter league depending how you view this seasons weather. Its certainly been up and down, we’ve even had daffodils coming up early so its not just the fish that have been confused this season. Last weekend saw snow and ice with both pools frozen over but that all cleared come mid week and the temperature has steadily improved since then with today very warm with a nice breeze that was actually pleasant for once. Not onyl that but the fish decided to wake up, well n some pegs with both lakes fishing really well.

Toby on Yasi’s literally took the place apart catching from the off on whatever he put in front of them to record an excellent 82lb 8oz from peg 15, mostly carp with our Titch coming a good second with mostly Barbel from peg 6 for a good weight of 32lb 5oz. Meanwhile, on Dani’s the mild wind pushed the fish up the top end with the top 2 weights coming off the top bank. Dave Pearce recorded an excellent 57lb 10oz off peg 20 fishing his favoured bread, however he fell foul of the netsman with 57lb in one net so ended up officially recording 50lb 10oz to beat Mark Wells off peg 18 who recorded 43lb 12 oz on maggot off the bottom

Top 6 weights overall were:

  1. Toby – 82lb 8oz – Yasis
  2. Dave Pearce – 50lb 10oz – Danis
  3. Mark Wells – 43lb 12oz Danis
  4. Titch – 32lb 5oz – Yasis
  5. Tony Sal – 25lb 8oz – Yasis
  6. Simon D – 22lb 2oz – Yasis

Next round is on February 7th

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