Winter League Final 20th March 2016

20 Mar

Last day of the 2015/16 Winter League and its all been leading up to this point. Out of 13 teams in contention, there were still 6 that could win it on the last day and going into the last round it looked like this:

  1. Still No Ide ere – Mark Wells/Darren James – 200 pts
  2. Too old and too tired – Neil smith/Pete the pirate – 197 pts
  3. Bus Pass Baggers – Dave Pearce and Bob Warren – 191 pts
  4. Pair of Blankers – Richard and Toby – 191 pts
  5. Winnings Boring – Pebs and Barry Smith – 190 pts
  6. Minions Attack – Si D and Darryl Anderson – 184 pts

With a possible 30 pts to play for in the last round, it was set for an exciting last round.

Neil Smith and Barry Smith drew the recent form pegs on Yasi’s of 15 and 6, but with the wind turning, it was likely the fish had moved. Meanwhile, on Dani’s, Pebs drew peg 1 which had been fishing well up to the wind changing with Colin Bradley drawing carp corner on peg 12. After the All in, it turned out that the wind had moved the fish with Pete ‘Pirate’ Nash storming to victory on Dani’s on the waggler on peg 18 with top weight on the day of 79lb 14 oz with Pebs managing to snare odd fish from around his peg on 1 to come in second with 28lb 4oz, narrowly beating Brian ‘Snagger’ Boswell and Darryl Anderson who managed 26lb 14oz and 26lb 8oz respectively. Meanwhile, on Yasis’s, the Ide woke up and even though Toby took top honours with 54lb 1oz of mostly Carp from peg 13, Si D next door managed a total of 50lb 10oz including lots of Ide in his 35lb 8oz silvers net. Closely following the 50lb club was Titch with 42lb 14oz off form peg 10 and Ben Lawrence on 16 with 40lb 6oz including 29lb 2oz of silvers.

Final scores on the doors in the team event was:

  1. Too old and too tired – Neil Smith/Pete the pirate – 223 pts
  2. Still No Ide ere – Mark Wells/Darren James – 218 pts
  3. Winnings Boring – Pebs and Barry Smith – 212 pts
  4. Pair of Blankers – Richard and Toby – 212 pts
  5. Minions Attack – Si D and Darryl Anderson – 208 pts
  6. Bus Pass Baggers – Dave Pearce and Bob Warren – 203 pts

Congratulations to Neil and Pete on a fantastic victory, Neil even manged to comprehensively win the individual league too with a top points weight of 139 pts, which averaged out at just over 11.5 pts per round. Not bad considering top points would be 15 per round. The centurions managing over a hundred points were:

  • Darryl Anderson – 108
  • Brian Boswell – 109
  • Simon D – 121
  • Darren James – 103
  • Pebs – 128
  • Pete the Pirate – 106
  • Dave Pearce – 108
  • Barry smith – 105
  • Neil Smith – 139
  • Toby – 133
  • Tony Sal – 101
  • Bob Warren – 105
  • Mark Wells – 120

On the way, a number of new records were set, with the Barbel record consistently being broken culminating with a new record of 5lb 13oz taken by Paul Bolodus, with the Perch record hitting 2lb 9oz and the Chub record up to 2lb 10oz. Records were falling at every round throughout the league. Not only that, but not one blank was recorded in this years event bar Darren who chucked back in one round (more on that later), quite an impressive result over 12 rounds.

The LUNF (Let us not forget) trophy, won by Mark Wells last year for performing a triple salco into Danis, was presented to his partner, Darren James for tipping back in a winter league (Oh, the horror of it) who also managed to win the overall championship trophy for the top cumulative weight over the year (Not sure how that happened 🙂 ) Pebs won the Evening League for the 4th consecutive year, while Colin Forsdick won the Summer League with an awesome display over the 5 rounds in the Summer.

047 – Evening League 1 and 2 (Pebs and Titch)

048 Darren James and his championship trophy

055Mark Wells handing over the LUNF trophy to Darren James

056 Pete the Pirate Nash and Neil Smith, Winter League winners

058 The Top 3 winter leaguers !!! Left to Right (Toby, Mark Wells, Darren James, Pebs, Richard Farrow, Barry Smith, Pete Nash and Neil Smith .. Top bombing, boys !!!!!

Cheers to all the How End boys for another fantastic season, stroll on 2016/2017 !!!!!

God luck to How End Blue and How End Red in this years Supercup




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