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Winter League Final 20th March 2016

Last day of the 2015/16 Winter League and its all been leading up to this point. Out of 13 teams in contention, there were still 6 that could win it on the last day and going into the last round it looked like this:

  1. Still No Ide ere – Mark Wells/Darren James – 200 pts
  2. Too old and too tired – Neil smith/Pete the pirate – 197 pts
  3. Bus Pass Baggers – Dave Pearce and Bob Warren – 191 pts
  4. Pair of Blankers – Richard and Toby – 191 pts
  5. Winnings Boring – Pebs and Barry Smith – 190 pts
  6. Minions Attack – Si D and Darryl Anderson – 184 pts

With a possible 30 pts to play for in the last round, it was set for an exciting last round.

Neil Smith and Barry Smith drew the recent form pegs on Yasi’s of 15 and 6, but with the wind turning, it was likely the fish had moved. Meanwhile, on Dani’s, Pebs drew peg 1 which had been fishing well up to the wind changing with Colin Bradley drawing carp corner on peg 12. After the All in, it turned out that the wind had moved the fish with Pete ‘Pirate’ Nash storming to victory on Dani’s on the waggler on peg 18 with top weight on the day of 79lb 14 oz with Pebs managing to snare odd fish from around his peg on 1 to come in second with 28lb 4oz, narrowly beating Brian ‘Snagger’ Boswell and Darryl Anderson who managed 26lb 14oz and 26lb 8oz respectively. Meanwhile, on Yasis’s, the Ide woke up and even though Toby took top honours with 54lb 1oz of mostly Carp from peg 13, Si D next door managed a total of 50lb 10oz including lots of Ide in his 35lb 8oz silvers net. Closely following the 50lb club was Titch with 42lb 14oz off form peg 10 and Ben Lawrence on 16 with 40lb 6oz including 29lb 2oz of silvers.

Final scores on the doors in the team event was:

  1. Too old and too tired – Neil Smith/Pete the pirate – 223 pts
  2. Still No Ide ere – Mark Wells/Darren James – 218 pts
  3. Winnings Boring – Pebs and Barry Smith – 212 pts
  4. Pair of Blankers – Richard and Toby – 212 pts
  5. Minions Attack – Si D and Darryl Anderson – 208 pts
  6. Bus Pass Baggers – Dave Pearce and Bob Warren – 203 pts

Congratulations to Neil and Pete on a fantastic victory, Neil even manged to comprehensively win the individual league too with a top points weight of 139 pts, which averaged out at just over 11.5 pts per round. Not bad considering top points would be 15 per round. The centurions managing over a hundred points were:

  • Darryl Anderson – 108
  • Brian Boswell – 109
  • Simon D – 121
  • Darren James – 103
  • Pebs – 128
  • Pete the Pirate – 106
  • Dave Pearce – 108
  • Barry smith – 105
  • Neil Smith – 139
  • Toby – 133
  • Tony Sal – 101
  • Bob Warren – 105
  • Mark Wells – 120

On the way, a number of new records were set, with the Barbel record consistently being broken culminating with a new record of 5lb 13oz taken by Paul Bolodus, with the Perch record hitting 2lb 9oz and the Chub record up to 2lb 10oz. Records were falling at every round throughout the league. Not only that, but not one blank was recorded in this years event bar Darren who chucked back in one round (more on that later), quite an impressive result over 12 rounds.

The LUNF (Let us not forget) trophy, won by Mark Wells last year for performing a triple salco into Danis, was presented to his partner, Darren James for tipping back in a winter league (Oh, the horror of it) who also managed to win the overall championship trophy for the top cumulative weight over the year (Not sure how that happened 🙂 ) Pebs won the Evening League for the 4th consecutive year, while Colin Forsdick won the Summer League with an awesome display over the 5 rounds in the Summer.

047 – Evening League 1 and 2 (Pebs and Titch)

048 Darren James and his championship trophy

055Mark Wells handing over the LUNF trophy to Darren James

056 Pete the Pirate Nash and Neil Smith, Winter League winners

058 The Top 3 winter leaguers !!! Left to Right (Toby, Mark Wells, Darren James, Pebs, Richard Farrow, Barry Smith, Pete Nash and Neil Smith .. Top bombing, boys !!!!!

Cheers to all the How End boys for another fantastic season, stroll on 2016/2017 !!!!!

God luck to How End Blue and How End Red in this years Supercup




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How End Winter League 24/1/16

Well, its been a while since I’ve found some time to get back to the blog, its all been a bit chaotic. Anyhow, here we are back in the Winter League, or not winter league depending how you view this seasons weather. Its certainly been up and down, we’ve even had daffodils coming up early so its not just the fish that have been confused this season. Last weekend saw snow and ice with both pools frozen over but that all cleared come mid week and the temperature has steadily improved since then with today very warm with a nice breeze that was actually pleasant for once. Not onyl that but the fish decided to wake up, well n some pegs with both lakes fishing really well.

Toby on Yasi’s literally took the place apart catching from the off on whatever he put in front of them to record an excellent 82lb 8oz from peg 15, mostly carp with our Titch coming a good second with mostly Barbel from peg 6 for a good weight of 32lb 5oz. Meanwhile, on Dani’s the mild wind pushed the fish up the top end with the top 2 weights coming off the top bank. Dave Pearce recorded an excellent 57lb 10oz off peg 20 fishing his favoured bread, however he fell foul of the netsman with 57lb in one net so ended up officially recording 50lb 10oz to beat Mark Wells off peg 18 who recorded 43lb 12 oz on maggot off the bottom

Top 6 weights overall were:

  1. Toby – 82lb 8oz – Yasis
  2. Dave Pearce – 50lb 10oz – Danis
  3. Mark Wells – 43lb 12oz Danis
  4. Titch – 32lb 5oz – Yasis
  5. Tony Sal – 25lb 8oz – Yasis
  6. Simon D – 22lb 2oz – Yasis

Next round is on February 7th

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How End Open – Dani’s – June 27th

Another Saturday, another How End open, but this time I couldn’t fish 😦 I do hate it when a plan doesn’t come together.

Anyhow, a stunningly beautiful day greeted those on the open and with fish crashing about, it appeared a reasonable day was on the cards. Neil ‘Happy’ Smith (he’s always grinning) set off at a flying pace catching Carp and Chub on his lighthouse (some people have no finesse when it comes to wagglers) but swiftly came to a grand halt when the carpies won the day within an hour and stole all his lighthouse’s

IMG_2938 IMG_2939

Meanwhile, round the corner on peg 12, our fashionesta banker, Darren James, was proving that snazzy Crocs and bare knees don’t really go together with very hot weather … ouch, that’s got to hurt



But, despite the sun, Richard Farlow still managed to get amongst them on peg 14 with a nice 68lb 4oz catch, followed up by our Trev Jeans, our Protectorpole king ( ) with 45lb 4oz

IMG_2954 IMG_2953


Top 5 on the day were:

1) Richard Farlow – 68lb 4oz

2) Trev Jeans – 45lb 4oz

3) Colin Fosdick – 43lb 12oz

4) – Tony Sal – 42lb 12oz

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How End Evening League – Round 4 – June 23rd Yasis-

Round 4 of the evening league and what a weird one that turned out to be. All the usual tactics failed to score with all the usual evening leaguers blowing out miserably as the fish took a sudden dislike to caster. Oh, to be the guy that turned up having not fished one evening league and do whatever took his fancy, that’ll be Mr Maver, Nick Rowe who proceeded to take the place apart by fishing worm over groundbait while the rest of us mercilessly thrashed the water with endless streams of caster … oops

Should of really learn’t a lesson from the weekend when for the first time ever, How End got beaten in their back yard by another team who also turned up, fished tactics that so shouldn’t have worked normally and beat us fair and square .. but anglers never do and Mr Rowe beat everyone by nearly 20lb .. I blame the low evening light levels that stopped the fish being blinded by the horrible Kermit Green outfit/gear he had but whatever the excuse, he took the plaudits on a strange night

Top 5 were:

1) Nick ‘Green’ Rowe – 55lb 2oz

2) Simon ‘Oompa’ Drozdziol – 36lb 10oz

3) Pete ‘Pirate’ Nash – 36lb 6oz

4) Darren ‘there is a such a thing as a nice banker’ James – 34lb 8oz

5 and 6) Titch ‘Loompa’ / Pebs – 32lb 10oz


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How End Evening League Round 2 – June 2nd

Round 2 of the How End Evening League this time on Dani’s and I had to give i a miss as I was at a 50th birthday party. Still, despite silly winds .. again .. the boys still had a good evening without me 😦 with Titch taking top weight of 64lb 10oz off peg 15 to claim top spot in the league so far (but not for long 🙂 ) followed up by Simon D on peg 5 with 55lb 5oz .. again great fishing in just 3 hours



Not too ugly for an Oompa Lumpa is he !!!

Lowest weight on the night was 24lb 6oz with the top 5 as follows:

1) Mark ‘Titch’ Wilson – 64lb 10oz

2) Simon Drozdziol – 55lb 5oz

3) Colin Fosdick – 42lb 7oz

4) Darren James – 39lb 15oz

5) Steve Carter – 31lb 0oz

Next evening league is back on Yasi’s on Tuesday 9th June, draw at 5:30, fish 6-9 pm with an open on Yasi’s on Saturday, June 13th

Quick shout out re the How End 2 dayer which is as per usual, first weekend in August. We’re now taking bookings for this, those who fished it last year getting priority. If you did fish it last year, I need to know by the end of June if you want to this year. Those who didn’t and want to fish it, please let me know and I’ll put your names down. First come, first served. Cost this year is a very reasonable £47 including peg fees, pools, brekkie both days and the barbe Saturday night. Staying for the barbe Saturday night is compulsory, the footy less so, although we’ll promise not to try and break any bones this year !!!!! As per usual, book in with Pebs (07753 743802)



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How End Summer League Round 1

First round of the Summer League and the weather Gods looked like they were being kind to us with almost perfect fishing conditions, I say almost perfect as it decided to shower for 10 minutes but that’s hardly anything to get worked up about, though our lot still managed the odd moan about walking all the way back to the car (20 yds !!!!) to get their jackets 🙂

Anyhow, more importantly, it was good to get most of the Summer League crowd back in as they’re somewhat of a jovial lot, especially our Titch who seems to have everyone and anyone in his sights this year as far as grade A abuse is concerned, although when he’s with the other partner of the Oompa Loompa’s, our own Simon D, it gets even worse as poor old Pip found out to his cost during the weigh in, though there’s far more important scandals to talk about re Simon as we’ll discuss in more detail later.

But back to the fishing, after All in everyone seemed to be catching fish bar Pirate Pete who cried out to anyone that would listen (not many !!!) what a terrible time he was having after an amazing 30 minutes. Admittedly, he did manage to lose 3 carp in the 5 minutes I was behind him but I always like to think if he ever did have a good day and manage to put all the fish in the net he hooked, he would break records everywhere. Whether that makes him an awesome angler in disguise or a prime numpty is anyone’s guess, I’ll leave that to you to work out, but either way around he was taking his Pirate impersonations to a whole new level hobbling around his peg because of his back. I was sorely tempted to chop his leg off to make the pirate pose even more authentic, but the thought of him bleeding paste was just too much to bear. Anyway, as usual I digress, there were plenty of fish being taken on both lakes so come the All out we expected great things, and as per usual, we weren’t disappointed. I made the fatal mistake of asking the Pirate how he got on, and as per usual was treated to Porky city .. ‘OH’, he said, ‘Irish Dean has battered me, hes caught 60 plus lb up in the water and I’ve only got 45lb’ … why, oh why do I ever believe the pirate, the words truth and Nash have no resemblance and couldn’t be further from each other and so it proved again, with the ‘Pirate’ weighing a dead 80lb to Dean’s 42lb 14oz .. mmmmmm and he wonders why we bought him a T Shirt stating the famous line ‘Why always me!!!!’


Anyhow, the upshot of this is next match we have decided to have a liar tax, especially built for our Pirate where he who’s farthest from guessing the right weight has to pay a tax to the Charity box, me thinks the pirate may get it closer next time

Neil Smith managed to bag himself one of only 2 tincas swimming in Yasi’s

IMG_2764 - Copy

Over on Yasis’s, a proper angler pastehead by the name of Alan Oakes had battered all before him to record a top season weight of 97lb 8oz, well done Al 🙂

IMG_2771 - Copy


It does have to be said that Al makes a lovely photo, and I’m not quite sure whether it was this or Al’s pink shirt which led to the Simon D scandal but straight after weighing in Mr Oakes fish, Simon D, part of the famous oompa lumpa duo,  took it upon himself to spank another anglers arse. Not quite sure what led to this or why he suddenly had this urge, not quite sure what his girlfriend will think either, but scandal nevertheless it was, it’s never boring at How End 🙂

Top 7 on the day were:

1) Alan Oakes – Yasis 9 – 97lb 8oz

2) Pete ‘Pirate’ Nash – Dani’s 2 – 80lb 0oz

3) Richard Farrow – Yasis 15 – 79lb 4oz

4) Kev ‘bashed up by my son again’ Farrow – Danis 4 – 77lb 14oz

5) Simon ‘Bottom spanker’ Drozdziol – Yasis 3 – 74lb 12oz

6) Colin Fosdick – Danis 14 – 73lb 9oz

7) Neil Smith – Yasis 1 – 72lb 6oz

Its tight at the top 🙂

Here’s out Titch in full posing mode with a How End mini Fred

IMG_2768 - Copy

And our Pip with some Berties from Yasis 11 and Si D looking cool before the spanking scandal

IMG_2775 - CopyIMG_2759 - Copy

This Tuesday sees the first round of the evening league, always popular for those that can escape work early, followed by the next open this Saturday on Yasis, book early to avoid disappointment


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Work party time !!!

Sunday was work party day with a decent turnout of the members turning up to help out which was great to see.

Jobs for the day were to fit the new grass protector to the pool entrances, re fix the pilings to Yasi’s and cut out all the reeds in front of the pegs on the island on Dani’s and the boys didn’t disappoint. Not only that but the banter as per usual was top drawer with Michael on top form, though where he got the idea that chocolate was an aphrodisiac was unclear, or why he would be bothered at near on 80. Still, as usual, he didn’t disappoint, proving to be a inspiration to all us unhealthy gits.

Jobs were divided into the Dani’s reed crew of Titch and Darren, Yasi’s piling crew of Simon and Trev while Michael, Mike and Pip got on with the protector while me and Tarnya just ran round like headless chickens keeping everyone happy as best as can be.


So hopefully the quagmire that was over the winter won’t be a problem this winter, top job boys





While over on Yasi’s, Simon and Trev were cleaning up and banging in the piling

IMG_2429 IMG_2422 IMG_2419


And on Dani’s Titch and Darren were reed clearing

IMG_2447 IMG_2444

Though somehow a new peg seemed to have been created too, peg 69 anyone .. guess who????



Tarnya kept everyone fed and watered with bacon and sausage baguettes for breakfast and burgers for lunch, brilliant day all round. Thanks to Titch, Simon D, Darren, Trev J, Malcolm ‘Michael’ God Harley, Pip and Mike C for all their help

IMG_2449 IMG_2462 IMG_2415 IMG_0712

Oh, and lastly, what the hell is this, best no one turns up at my place with a rig like this again, size 8 hook and God knows what the rest is meant to do !!!!


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