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How End Evening League – Round 4 – June 23rd Yasis-

Round 4 of the evening league and what a weird one that turned out to be. All the usual tactics failed to score with all the usual evening leaguers blowing out miserably as the fish took a sudden dislike to caster. Oh, to be the guy that turned up having not fished one evening league and do whatever took his fancy, that’ll be Mr Maver, Nick Rowe who proceeded to take the place apart by fishing worm over groundbait while the rest of us mercilessly thrashed the water with endless streams of caster … oops

Should of really learn’t a lesson from the weekend when for the first time ever, How End got beaten in their back yard by another team who also turned up, fished tactics that so shouldn’t have worked normally and beat us fair and square .. but anglers never do and Mr Rowe beat everyone by nearly 20lb .. I blame the low evening light levels that stopped the fish being blinded by the horrible Kermit Green outfit/gear he had but whatever the excuse, he took the plaudits on a strange night

Top 5 were:

1) Nick ‘Green’ Rowe – 55lb 2oz

2) Simon ‘Oompa’ Drozdziol – 36lb 10oz

3) Pete ‘Pirate’ Nash – 36lb 6oz

4) Darren ‘there is a such a thing as a nice banker’ James – 34lb 8oz

5 and 6) Titch ‘Loompa’ / Pebs – 32lb 10oz


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28th March – Supercup How End Red vs Popplets and Ricky Baxters mob

For some strange reason, Angling Times decided this year that they would lower the Supercup team size from 8 anglers to 6, another weird decision by AT following on from their dodgy decision last year re allowing sponsored anglers to fish for the team we drew against. Anyhow, not that we were bitter about that or anything, but not wanting to upset our How End boys, we decided to enter 2 teams in this years event, so into the hat went everyone’s names and courtesy of the ever lovely Tarnya (bar the odd occasion when you upset her, not a good idea) out came 2 squads. I did toy with various names for the 2 teams, pretties (my lot) and uglies (obviously the other bunch), How End A (again, obviously my lot) and B (again, the other lot) Heroes (again my lot) and Villains (you get the picture) but in the interest of fair play and wanting to keep my friends, decided that it would be How End Blue and Red though my lot had to be Blue on account of the best footy team in the known universe 🙂 So off went the team sheets to the powers that be at AT, and up popped the names again 2 weeks later in AT with our respective enemies from far across the land in the shires who we were to fish against (in other words our local mates who we draw against every year 🙂 with the draw as follows:

How End Red vs Popplets (local crack match squad who made it to the finals last year) and

Queens Works vs How End Blue (major fun angling club who are more interested in taking the mickey than winning much though the captain cant half down a pint and that’s just How End Blue 🙂 )

Anyhow, I don’t want to steal the limelight so the famous yearly Queens Works vs How End will be the subject of another thread, this ones all about the Red team vs Van Den Eynde Essex ~ I meant Popplets who are a damn fine bunch of guys who I have to admit can fish a bit too captained by local legend and angling God, Steve Tyler.

How End Red got home draw and elected to fish Dani’s (not that they had a choice really as Ricky Baxter had already booked the other lake 🙂 ) Anyhow, I digress again, Friday had been a day of supreme weather, nice and sunny and wind free, so it was somewhat of a shock to wake up Saturday to force 9 gales, I certainly was happy not to be fishing myself (something I changed my mind about the next day, but that’s another story)

Anyhow, pegging was sorted out the week before, but Darryl (How End Red esteemed captain) managed to fluff it up then blame me, I ask you, me fluff up the pegging, really. Anyhow, a quick bit of fiddling from yours truly (that’s sorting pegs out, not cheating) soon got things back on the ground and following a bit of brekkie, the proceedings kicked off.

Now, one of our members, a certain Malcolm Michael Harley, is a bit of legend here at How End. In fact, he has his own club, the Harley club. Said club is something you can only enter if Michael beats you off the next peg. This started as a bit of a joke, as Michael doesn’t look like much of a crack angler. He makes quite a bit of his gear, the word Rive doesn’t appear on any of his tackle and he’s about to celebrate being an octogenarian. However, throughout the winter league the Harley club has been gathering members at quite an alarming rate to the point that the initial amusement our members felt at drawing next to Michael has now turned into a face of fear where even the mighty Mark ‘Bagger’ Wells almost joined the club over the winter, to saying he was crapping himself going into the last hour of a recent match having fell well behind the mighty Michael was somewhat of an understatement and without a mighty fine piece of Ide bashing in the last hour, he would no doubt have been a new Harley club member. Today turned out to be no different, to Michael’s left, one rather talented local angler by the name of Danny Theakstone, to his right the guy he was fishing against for his section, James Heaps. Neither of which could be said to be anything but class from an angling perspective and stuck in the middle the diminutive Michael, looking for all the World like a cuddly grandad while lurking within lay an angling demon, ready to unleash his fire and brim stone at the Popplets challengers, and so it happened. No sooner had the match started when Michael calmly sent his bomb tidily with a majestic sideways sweep straight into the gap in the far reeds resting his rod on the boat (angling Gods have no need for mortal objects such as rod rests!!) 2 minutes later and another majestic sweep of the rod saw God connecting with one of the resident Carp and so it went on. James fought back hard in the last hour but was no match for the devil Harley who took the section win by a pound. Not only that, but not only did he win the match overall, he also gave Danny a major beating weighing 29lb to Danny’s 7lb. Don’t worry, you’re no the first to succumb to Harley power.


Michael ‘Power’ Harley in action on peg 3, Dani’s

Anyhow, How End Red managed to pull off a major triumph on the day beating Popplets 4-2, well done the Red team who consisted of

Darryl Anderson (captain and peg fluffer)

Nick Rowe – (captain green)

Michael ‘slayer’ Harley

Brian ‘Blessed’ Boswell

Dean ‘pasty’ Craig

Michael ‘Bailey’ Clarke


Top bombing boys, wonder who you’ll draw in the next round ???

And so to the other lake, where my friend and ex fishing buddy, Rick Baxter had booked Yasi’s again. The lake has been fishing extremely well recently, but the wind put paid to any massive weights coming off it spoiling presentation to the extent that Ide fishing became seriously hard. First and second weight came off either end of the lake where presentation was no doubt better but you’ve still got to catch them, haven’t you and Steve Daniels (don’t mention Knock out and floaters to him!!) and Steve Carter managed 42lb and 40lb respectively for first and second followed by Mark Hathers (another Chelsea blue!!) with 37lb

Well done guys, you did good in those conditions, see you again in May when hopefully the weather treats you better !!!!

So onto Sunday and Queens Works vs How End Blue, were Queens going to end there 30 year Supercup drought having never won a Supercup match, check out the next blog for all the details !!!!


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How End Knock Up

Its got to be said that our members can be somewhat cheeky and this weekend, having kept a sharp eye on the calendar, I was approached about them having a knock up on Dani’s, Supercup practice they said, as if they don’t fish here enough 🙂

Anyhow, I duly obliged and they managed to get enough bodies on the bank for a decent match, despite gale force winds sending white horses across the lake and attempting to knock various objects including the actual anglers, into the drink. Despite the atrocious conditions, the fish still had a munch with some decent weights around the lake. Top man on the day was Colin Forsdick who managed 37lb 3oz down the edge believe it not on corn and pellet with a close second place duel between Nick Rowe, Kevin and Malcolm Harley ultimately won by Nick who had a great mixed bag of Skimmers, hybrids, Roach and Carp plus this fantastic 2lb Perch which set a new record for the fishery. Funnily enough, he caught an even bigger one the day before while having a pleasure session



Terrible pose by Maver Nick but he owned up to once getting spiked by a Perch, to say he was nervous holding it was an understatement but it had to be done. Anyhow, top 4 was as follows:

1) Colin Forsdick – 37lb 3 oz

2) Nick Maver Rowe – 27lb 8oz

3) Malcolm ‘Michael’ Harley – 25lb 5oz

4) Kevin – 20lb 2oz

Poor old Trev Jeans joined the infamous ‘Harley’ club being battered off the next peg by Malcolm who’s currently the most feared man on the bank as everyone cowers from drawing next to our Malcolm and becoming a club member. Who’s next???

Anyhow, this Sunday sees the penultimate round of the winter league which has turned into the closest one yet


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