Winter League Final 20th March 2016

Last day of the 2015/16 Winter League and its all been leading up to this point. Out of 13 teams in contention, there were still 6 that could win it on the last day and going into the last round it looked like this:

  1. Still No Ide ere – Mark Wells/Darren James – 200 pts
  2. Too old and too tired – Neil smith/Pete the pirate – 197 pts
  3. Bus Pass Baggers – Dave Pearce and Bob Warren – 191 pts
  4. Pair of Blankers – Richard and Toby – 191 pts
  5. Winnings Boring – Pebs and Barry Smith – 190 pts
  6. Minions Attack – Si D and Darryl Anderson – 184 pts

With a possible 30 pts to play for in the last round, it was set for an exciting last round.

Neil Smith and Barry Smith drew the recent form pegs on Yasi’s of 15 and 6, but with the wind turning, it was likely the fish had moved. Meanwhile, on Dani’s, Pebs drew peg 1 which had been fishing well up to the wind changing with Colin Bradley drawing carp corner on peg 12. After the All in, it turned out that the wind had moved the fish with Pete ‘Pirate’ Nash storming to victory on Dani’s on the waggler on peg 18 with top weight on the day of 79lb 14 oz with Pebs managing to snare odd fish from around his peg on 1 to come in second with 28lb 4oz, narrowly beating Brian ‘Snagger’ Boswell and Darryl Anderson who managed 26lb 14oz and 26lb 8oz respectively. Meanwhile, on Yasis’s, the Ide woke up and even though Toby took top honours with 54lb 1oz of mostly Carp from peg 13, Si D next door managed a total of 50lb 10oz including lots of Ide in his 35lb 8oz silvers net. Closely following the 50lb club was Titch with 42lb 14oz off form peg 10 and Ben Lawrence on 16 with 40lb 6oz including 29lb 2oz of silvers.

Final scores on the doors in the team event was:

  1. Too old and too tired – Neil Smith/Pete the pirate – 223 pts
  2. Still No Ide ere – Mark Wells/Darren James – 218 pts
  3. Winnings Boring – Pebs and Barry Smith – 212 pts
  4. Pair of Blankers – Richard and Toby – 212 pts
  5. Minions Attack – Si D and Darryl Anderson – 208 pts
  6. Bus Pass Baggers – Dave Pearce and Bob Warren – 203 pts

Congratulations to Neil and Pete on a fantastic victory, Neil even manged to comprehensively win the individual league too with a top points weight of 139 pts, which averaged out at just over 11.5 pts per round. Not bad considering top points would be 15 per round. The centurions managing over a hundred points were:

  • Darryl Anderson – 108
  • Brian Boswell – 109
  • Simon D – 121
  • Darren James – 103
  • Pebs – 128
  • Pete the Pirate – 106
  • Dave Pearce – 108
  • Barry smith – 105
  • Neil Smith – 139
  • Toby – 133
  • Tony Sal – 101
  • Bob Warren – 105
  • Mark Wells – 120

On the way, a number of new records were set, with the Barbel record consistently being broken culminating with a new record of 5lb 13oz taken by Paul Bolodus, with the Perch record hitting 2lb 9oz and the Chub record up to 2lb 10oz. Records were falling at every round throughout the league. Not only that, but not one blank was recorded in this years event bar Darren who chucked back in one round (more on that later), quite an impressive result over 12 rounds.

The LUNF (Let us not forget) trophy, won by Mark Wells last year for performing a triple salco into Danis, was presented to his partner, Darren James for tipping back in a winter league (Oh, the horror of it) who also managed to win the overall championship trophy for the top cumulative weight over the year (Not sure how that happened 🙂 ) Pebs won the Evening League for the 4th consecutive year, while Colin Forsdick won the Summer League with an awesome display over the 5 rounds in the Summer.

047 – Evening League 1 and 2 (Pebs and Titch)

048 Darren James and his championship trophy

055Mark Wells handing over the LUNF trophy to Darren James

056 Pete the Pirate Nash and Neil Smith, Winter League winners

058 The Top 3 winter leaguers !!! Left to Right (Toby, Mark Wells, Darren James, Pebs, Richard Farrow, Barry Smith, Pete Nash and Neil Smith .. Top bombing, boys !!!!!

Cheers to all the How End boys for another fantastic season, stroll on 2016/2017 !!!!!

God luck to How End Blue and How End Red in this years Supercup




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How End Winter League 24/1/16

Well, its been a while since I’ve found some time to get back to the blog, its all been a bit chaotic. Anyhow, here we are back in the Winter League, or not winter league depending how you view this seasons weather. Its certainly been up and down, we’ve even had daffodils coming up early so its not just the fish that have been confused this season. Last weekend saw snow and ice with both pools frozen over but that all cleared come mid week and the temperature has steadily improved since then with today very warm with a nice breeze that was actually pleasant for once. Not onyl that but the fish decided to wake up, well n some pegs with both lakes fishing really well.

Toby on Yasi’s literally took the place apart catching from the off on whatever he put in front of them to record an excellent 82lb 8oz from peg 15, mostly carp with our Titch coming a good second with mostly Barbel from peg 6 for a good weight of 32lb 5oz. Meanwhile, on Dani’s the mild wind pushed the fish up the top end with the top 2 weights coming off the top bank. Dave Pearce recorded an excellent 57lb 10oz off peg 20 fishing his favoured bread, however he fell foul of the netsman with 57lb in one net so ended up officially recording 50lb 10oz to beat Mark Wells off peg 18 who recorded 43lb 12 oz on maggot off the bottom

Top 6 weights overall were:

  1. Toby – 82lb 8oz – Yasis
  2. Dave Pearce – 50lb 10oz – Danis
  3. Mark Wells – 43lb 12oz Danis
  4. Titch – 32lb 5oz – Yasis
  5. Tony Sal – 25lb 8oz – Yasis
  6. Simon D – 22lb 2oz – Yasis

Next round is on February 7th

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How End Open – Dani’s – June 27th

Another Saturday, another How End open, but this time I couldn’t fish 😦 I do hate it when a plan doesn’t come together.

Anyhow, a stunningly beautiful day greeted those on the open and with fish crashing about, it appeared a reasonable day was on the cards. Neil ‘Happy’ Smith (he’s always grinning) set off at a flying pace catching Carp and Chub on his lighthouse (some people have no finesse when it comes to wagglers) but swiftly came to a grand halt when the carpies won the day within an hour and stole all his lighthouse’s

IMG_2938 IMG_2939

Meanwhile, round the corner on peg 12, our fashionesta banker, Darren James, was proving that snazzy Crocs and bare knees don’t really go together with very hot weather … ouch, that’s got to hurt



But, despite the sun, Richard Farlow still managed to get amongst them on peg 14 with a nice 68lb 4oz catch, followed up by our Trev Jeans, our Protectorpole king ( ) with 45lb 4oz

IMG_2954 IMG_2953


Top 5 on the day were:

1) Richard Farlow – 68lb 4oz

2) Trev Jeans – 45lb 4oz

3) Colin Fosdick – 43lb 12oz

4) – Tony Sal – 42lb 12oz

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How End Evening League – Round 4 – June 23rd Yasis-

Round 4 of the evening league and what a weird one that turned out to be. All the usual tactics failed to score with all the usual evening leaguers blowing out miserably as the fish took a sudden dislike to caster. Oh, to be the guy that turned up having not fished one evening league and do whatever took his fancy, that’ll be Mr Maver, Nick Rowe who proceeded to take the place apart by fishing worm over groundbait while the rest of us mercilessly thrashed the water with endless streams of caster … oops

Should of really learn’t a lesson from the weekend when for the first time ever, How End got beaten in their back yard by another team who also turned up, fished tactics that so shouldn’t have worked normally and beat us fair and square .. but anglers never do and Mr Rowe beat everyone by nearly 20lb .. I blame the low evening light levels that stopped the fish being blinded by the horrible Kermit Green outfit/gear he had but whatever the excuse, he took the plaudits on a strange night

Top 5 were:

1) Nick ‘Green’ Rowe – 55lb 2oz

2) Simon ‘Oompa’ Drozdziol – 36lb 10oz

3) Pete ‘Pirate’ Nash – 36lb 6oz

4) Darren ‘there is a such a thing as a nice banker’ James – 34lb 8oz

5 and 6) Titch ‘Loompa’ / Pebs – 32lb 10oz


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The Glorious 16th !!!!

Call me a sentimental old fart, but I still look forward to the 16th of June with relish, and always have to go visit the river generally looking for Chub on the waggler or the stick. So, as per usual, was up early on the 16th to head off to Biddenham for some Chub bashing on the waggler and the stick


and was rewarded with these beauties up 4lb 10oz




This year the 16th happened to fall on a Tuesday so immediately after my river session it was back to How End for the evening league, this week on Dani’s

Will talk about the match shortly, but firstly I’ve got to shout out some foot attire. Now, over the years, I’ve seen some strange things on the bank but the recent fashion for Crocs seems to have taken it to a whole new level of bad taste. And the set attached to one of our members on this evenings match was just off the scale. I’ve heard of yellow polker dot bikini’s, but White polka dot Crocs are just vile. And talking of good taste, isn’t it rather strange that one of our banker friends was attached to them 🙂 I’ll leave it to you to name and shame !!!!



To the fishing bit (it is after all supposed to be a match blog 🙂

Dani’s had been fishing well up to now, so good things were expected and it didn’t disappoint. Our evening lake record holder, Ben Lawrence, who smashed the record last year with an amazing 89lb in 3 hours off Dani’s, had honoured us with his presence and the draw bag put him next to me, so I expected a great battle. As it turned out, the fish seemed to hug the main island so I had a bit of an advantage over Ben as he was on corner peg 17. Pete the Pirate stormed off on a flier off peg 4 catching one a bung, he had 9 carp in the net in 20 minutes on the pellet wagg and we all thought the record was going to go, then Pirate Power kicked in and he managed to trash all his rigs in record time, plus being a pirate with limited vision couldn’t see to tie any more, so that was the end of the ‘skull and crossbones’ which slowly sank under the waves. Meanwhile, round the corner, following on from my own early disaster which saw a How End Turbo Nutter B*****d carp tear off taking my whole rig and the elastic as well pulling it straight off the side puller never to be seen again, I finally got going on my usual caster which I employed together with a shallow rig at 14.5 mtr and waggler for further out when they backed off to put together a nice bag of 54lb 14oz, narrowly pipping Colin Fosdick who weighed in 51lb 12oz in corner peg 7. Another close match and with the glorious weather we had, one to enjoy

Top 4 on the night were:

1) Phil ‘Pebs’ Stone – 54lb 14oz

2) Colin Fosdick – 51lb 12oz

3) Mark ‘Titch’ Wilson – 48lb 2oz

4) Pete ‘Pirate’ Nash – 44lb 4oz (should have bought some shop tied hooklengths !!! 🙂 )

All in all, a great way to top off the ‘Glorious16th’

Tight lines this season to everyone, just not as tight as mine if you’re fishing against me 🙂




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How End Open – June 13th – Yasis

Good turnout for the open, which sort of stuffed me up as I under estimated the caster order. Ah well, I’ve never been one for being fussy about bait and it seemed since I had an excess of maggot, it only seemed right to have a go with last years star invention by yours truly which seemed to sort the Ide out. So 4 pints of red maggots and 10 minutes later in a blender topped off with a copious amount of Predator Plus and I had a nice pot full of Pebs famous Maggot Mush. Now, this stuff really ought to come with a health warning. I purposely put it in a rather large bowl so I can scoop it up in a my kinder pot without EVER putting my hands in it. My peg always seems to resemble one of those cartoon characters surrounded by flies as they’re the only living creatures that seem to like it bar Berties and Ide that just can’t get enough of it. Its especially deadly on those dead still days when nothing seems to be moving and I’m sure its down to the cloud that makes the fish comfortable in it and today suited it perfectly following my rule of ripple = loose feed, flat calm = cloud that always serves me well.

Anyhow, to the fishing, I figured there wasn’t enough water to make the Ide comfortable in the shallow water over as the lake was still down following the recent leak, so I fed the mush coming down the far shelf in about 2 feet of water, thinking I’d target the carp in the shallow water over. This proved to be a wise decision as I managed to keep Berties and Ide coming for 4 hours before the carp on the far shelf that were constantly sticking their heads out of the water after the loose fed pellets I was putting in proved too much of a temptation as I was determined to suss them out. Despite having sussed the Ide and Berties out, I’ve never yet achieved the consistency of my good friend Pete Bailey when it came to the Carp, so I was determined to get to grips with them in the last 2 hours which ultimately proved my downfall in the match as it took me an hour to suss it out although I still managed to get to grips with them in the end so despite loosing out to Colin Fosdick who pipped me by a brilliant 68lb 8oz to my 66lb exactly, top bombing Col, it was worthwhile and with Tony Sal coming in third with 65lb exactly, it was an excellent close fought match. Top 6 were:

1) Colin ‘Caster’ Fosdick – 68lb 8oz

2) Phil ‘Pebs’ Stone – 66lb 0oz

3) Tony Sal – 65lb 0oz

4) Matthew Grant – 49lb 8oz

5) Darren James – 48lb 8oz

6) Richard Fulam – 44lb 0oz

7) Steve P – 43lb 8oz

8) Neil ‘New dad’ Smith – 41lb 4oz

I know I said top 6 but I felt they all needed a mention, brilliantly close match, well done guys 🙂

Next blog, June 16th, new season and I still love it

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How End Evening League Round 3 – Yasi’s – June 9th

After missing last weeks match due to a 50th birthday party and narrowly missing out the week before by making a fatal mistake, I was out for some revenge come round 3 of the evening league and a chance to get back to grips with our Titch who was running away with the title. Back on Yasi’s and it was bound to Bertie and Ide fun, although come draw time and I got the only peg on the lake I really didn’t fancy, 13. Still, with lots of space I had half a chance even though Titch was on peg 16, Bertie city 🙂

My usual attack of caster, yes I know, I can’t help myself and I was nearly ready for the off on time. Quite unlike myself. Was a steady evenings fishing, even though I never had a proper run where they come as soon as the float goes in, you had to wait a few minutes between bites.

Come the all out, I felt I’d fished a good match, Titch, for once had had a mare, so I knew I’d won my side of the lake but with Simon, Mike and Tony on the footpath bank and Darren in the flier 1 you never knew.

Darren had a bad match with only 29-15, then Simon weighed 51-10 which made us laugh as he estimated 35 and by the new estimation tax rule he was nearly 50% out and bound to cop for the tax, happy days. Not only that,but he also managed to beat Nick Rowe’s week old Barbel record with a fantastic 4lb 8oz specimen, they ain’t half eating all the pies.



Simon lead up to my peg and with everyone asking what my estimate was I hedged my bets and put down 46lb thinking I was bound to not get clobbered with that. How wrong was I, as usual my estimating abilities were rubbish and I out % Simon to be exactly 50% out and get hit by the tax with 69lb 2oz. A great evenings fishing and at least the charity jar gained at my expense. More importantly, it put me back in contention with Titch in the league. Roll on round 4 🙂



Top 4 on the night were:

1) Phil ‘Pebs’ Stone – 69lb 2oz

2) Simon ‘Oompa’ Drozdziol – 51lb 10oz

3) Tony Sal – 41lb 10oz

4) Mike ‘Groundsman’ Clarke – 41lb 6oz

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